Hazy Dreams

Kiss me in the grass

Before Summer melts away

And Autumn creeps in

With smoky leaves

And hazy dreams

Be braver than the Summer mists

That leave for more clement times

As leaves curl on forest floors

Kiss me once more

Be Your Own Wolf

Be your own Wolf
Howl at the moon
Bare your teeth
Claws unsheathed
Until required
Ferocity contained
Until stirred
Let the lunar phase
Make your shape
Let instinct
Run your soul
Be your own Wolf

The Jobless Centre

We line up like Battery Hens
Ready to be inspected
Tested for diligence
Evidence of initiative
The great unwashed
An unemployable mass
Answering questions
Like naughty children
Spoken to in stern tones
In simple words
As if we cannot comprehend
Clutching our booklets
Identified only by our numbers
And lack of worth
Defined by our jobless status
Waiting our turn
Little lambs to slaughter
Ready for our roasting
With a dash of mint sauce
And side of indignity

Time’s Tapestries

Through time
Past histories
Which cannot unwind
Silken threads
Snapping on sharp needles
Torn tapestries
A thimble of regret
Stitch fast
And hope to forget


Men swaggering on the outside 

Hiding insecure boys 

Their secret inside self

As they test their confidence 

On soft girls

Hidden in platonic platitudes 

And a shiny smile

Deceiving feminine souls


To a tired trial attempt

For those who want to flex 

Shaky masculine muscles  

Their beer soaked confidence 

On one who won’t mock

The practice run

Or their fragile ego

Oh Baby, Just You Shut Your Mouth


Peas on a fork
Hands frozen
As anxiety rages inside
Ripping through motor function
The basic of skills
To eat
To survive
But forgotten
Muscle memory
In a fog of trauma
As those who raised you
Hearts breaking
But patient
Broken by the husk before them